Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Day 25 - a groovy sort of day

A bit of Gypsy Groove* seems to be the right music for today. The mood aboard has lifted, the clouds are scattered and the sun is shining bright. Can we say, phew!

A 6 to 10 knot breeze is blowing for now. It's been an interesting couple of days filled with intense squalls followed by no wind, followed by more squalls. We're glad that so far, today has been a pleasant sort of day. I've made a lot fewer sail changes, and there have been quite a few more smiles.

All you puddle jumpers out there... Here's a weird question. Did you smell land before seeing it? I thought I did yesterday evening, but today no amount of sniffing brings back the odd spicy scent of last night. Could it have been wishful thinking? We were sailing upwind, so it's not completely unreasonable, is it? Needless to say, we're feeling a certain degree of trepidation today, taking turns to scan the horizon for evidence of land. I wonder who'll get to call "Land ho!".

*Gypsy Groove is an album from the Putumayo World Music collection. We love the energy of this one.

Position: 08* 56.637' S 138* 14.975' W
Distance: 109 nm
Heading: 209* T
Speed: 4.5 knots

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