Monday, 22 April 2013

day 24 - a case of extremes

The past 24 hours have been trying. We've had nearly back to back squalls, creating lumpy seas, with fickle light air periods sandwiched in between. And then there has been rain, torrential rain, horizontal rain, wet, leaky rain. One thing we've both found strange, is how much beating we have had to do on this journey, we expected to be running with the wind a lot more, not against it. Beating into squalls? Not fun.

I have to admit, we've asked ourselves what happened to the beautiful, wonderful Southerly Trades of our dreams. Neptune is having the last laugh, that's for sure. Aboard Nyon, there's been more grumbling than laughter, but we're working on that.

It's not all bad, just frustrating, and certainly manageable. We're both tired though, and everything is damp. But, and there is always a but, we have less than 200 nautical miles to go. And that, is exciting.

I got pretty keyed up last night when I looked over our port side, and saw a faint greenish light far off in the distance. That had to be another sailboat. There were no other lights, and motor vessels always have extra white lights. We haven't yet been able to locate another vessel in the daylight, visibility has been poor. I'm still scanning the horizon though. Who knows, we might not be as alone as we thought.

Position: 07* 20.700' S 137* 24.924' W
Distance: 91 nm
Heading: 206* T
Speed: 5.4 knots

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  1. Not long to go now, you're in the home stretch! If you get some better days sailing in you could be there by Wednesday, Thursday at the latest. If you get in close by dark, maybe it would be a good idea to wait until morning for your final approach.




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