Sunday, 21 April 2013

day 23 - are we there yet papa smurf?

A squall, a good sized squall after some unexpectedly light overnight winds, made me realize that it's just silly to make pronouncements. I choose generalizations from now on. Sometime this week we'll make landfall. Probably not Tuesday, maybe Wednesday, perhaps Thursday. It doesn't matter. Well, it does, but I can't let it matter. If I let it, I'll just become grumpy.

No one likes a grumpy crew, especially not me. So, here's to stepping back, taking things as they come, and adjusting the sails. We'll get there eventually.

Position: 06* 02.064' S 136* 55.782' W
Distance: 103 nm
Heading: 200* T
Speed: 4.4 knots

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