Friday, 19 April 2013

day 21 - a welcome change

With only 500 nautical miles to go, we are finally sailing. Sailing, my friends! Are these the Southerly Trades at long last? Well, we've had steady winds for the past 12 hours... It's a pretty safe bet. (I have been wrong before, I know.)

Last night, I was stargazing under an incredibly clear sky. Other than the Southern Cross, I'm still confused by the blanket of stars above me. I can't seem to easily divide the stars into constellations... It's all still so new, a giant celestial puzzle. I find myself almost missing Cassiopeia.

This journey, since we left Canada, is a continuous series of discoveries. We're constantly faced with something new, or seeing things in a different light. The only constant in a voyager's life, is change. Sometimes that throws me off-kilter, I don't always feel comfortable with change. It happens. At times, I crave sameness, predictability.

Then again, had I not put myself in this constantly evolving environment, I wouldn't know that brown boobies fly hundreds of miles from land, or that red cabbage could taste so good when all the fresh produce you have left are a few onions and apples, two avocados and three potatoes. Out here, a shooting star is a wink from the universe. Everything is more immediate, more intense. It's funny, I have come to realize that by welcoming change, I may just find stability.

Position: 02* 47.399' S 134* 45.224' W
Distance: 118 nm
Heading: 207* T
Speed: 5.6 knots

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  1. Woo-hoo, you guys! I'm pretty sure you can't read these comments until you make landfall and search for an elusive internet connection, but we wanted to cheer you on. You are making FABULOUS progress compared to last year's cohort. We were 500 miles out somewhere around day 32, at least ten days behind your time. Hang in there, and prepare for amazement at that lush green fragrant island landfall--Cheers!
    Karen and Jim



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