Tuesday, 16 April 2013

day 18 - in the meantime

We won't reach the Equator today. We got a case of the doldrums. Not the, oh-well-5-8-knot-winds-are-not-so-bad doldrums, more like there-is-no-wind-and-in-20-hours-we've-traveled-28-nautical-miles doldrums. (And not all in the right direction.) We held on for 15 hours, but when I woke up for my watch this morning, I suggested we motor for a while. To my surprise, Rick didn't even hem and haw. We both agreed that a few hours of real progress would do us good. After three hours, I felt a slight shift in the air and happily set the sails. The engine is silent once more. And while the breeze is very light, thankfully, it's still a breeze. I guess we'll see how long it lasts...

In other news, we picked up a hitchhiker around 1900 hours yesterday. We watched a brown booby, whom I've since named Charlie, repeatedly doing fly-bys. He finally negotiated a precarious landing on our solar arch, just before sunset. He is still there! We like his company, even though he is a little on the quiet side.

We also had another visit by a pod of spinner dolphins. They put on quite a show this time. We watched them shoot some 6 feet straight up out of the water, while others leapt high in graceful arcs. You'll have to take my word for it, I didn't take any photos. I was too busy watching.

Other than that, the crew is keeping busy and keeping still. It's a fine balance.

Position: 01* 21.296' N 132* 15 .622' W
Distance: 43 nm
Heading: 217* T
Speed: 3.7 knots


  1. To the small boat voyager it is the sea which comes first: it is the supreme consideration, stretching to every shore, wind cut and passionate, greater in breadth and loneliness than all the deserts of the world together.
    -Richard Maury

  2. You stole a Boobie?! Now you will have to clean up after him/her.



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