Monday, 15 April 2013

day 17 - music to our ears

You often read about how noisy a passage is - the hull creaks, the rigging shudders, the jars in the locker rattle. And one can't forget the snapping sails, the huff and puff of the wind, and the waves slapping the hull. It's continuous and varies with the sea's moods. We wear ear plugs to sleep, or sit in the cockpit for hours straining to identify that new noise.

And in the middle of all this noise, there is music. No, this isn't a metaphor. This particular crew is mad about music. A passage is the perfect setting to simply sit and listen, or better yet, to belt out your favourite song from your favourite album by your favourite female vocalist. Oh yeah, you have to categorize when there are so many songs to be crazy about. There can't just be one favourite.

This crew's taste in music covers a wide spectrum. Between the two of us, we listen to folk, jazz, bubble gum pop, blues, sea shanties and Celtic songs, rock, and hip hop. Let's not forget old country and Afro-Cuban music. Then there is classical music and some true gems from Louisiana. (Thank you "Treme".) Guess who loves bubblegum pop? I'll give you a hint, it's not me.

When songs have such an important role in your waking moments, they become the soundtrack of your life. Ask me what was the soundtrack to our first offshore passage, and two songs immediately come to mind: "City of New Orleans" by Randy Scruggs and John Prine and "Hey (I Love You)" by Michael Franti. I'm not sure what songs will mark this passage, but we've listened to a lot of John Denver (I kid you not), Mumford and Sons, and the kick-ass mix Rick made me for my 40th birthday.

The conditions have not changed much since yesterday, we are slowly sailing toward our destination and singing our hearts out along the way.

P.S. In case you were wondering, I was inspired to write this piece while listening to "The Wild Hunt" album by The Tallest Man on Earth.

Position: 01* 45.472' N 131* 45.694' W
Distance: 91 nm
Heading: 216* T
Speed: 2.7 knots

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  1. Love that you are listening to John Denver :)
    When you have a chance check out the NPR post about a new John Denver cover album.



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