Saturday, 13 April 2013

day 15 - slowly but surely

We'd probably get to the equator sooner if we walked there. Seriously. We don't mind though. Luck and some fortunate planning gave us a great run so far. If we end up having a couple slow days - big deal. And anyways, we've sped up since this morning - we cracked 3 knots for at least 15 minutes in the last hour!

There isn't much we can do: when we get closer to 2* N the wind should pick up again, that is if the forecast serves us right and the ITCZ stays put. Yes, there are always a lot of ifs. Until then, we'll sit in front of the fan and jump around naked in the cockpit when a cooling rain comes over us. It is stinking hot now, and humid - we're in the tropics baby!

Rick rigged up a bungee cord from the toe rail to the foresail sheet, that took the jarring out of the snapping sail - a great improvement! I noticed a tear on the genoa's UV strip however, that will be one of the first repairs on my to-do list after our arrival. Oh well, you win some, you lose some as they say.

The morale aboard is good, mellow, but good.

Position: 04* 10.080' N 129* 58.573 ' W
Distance: 85 nm
Heading: 236* T
Speed: 3.9 knots (Woohoo!)

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