Friday, 12 April 2013

day 14 - on showers, constellations, and strange encounters

You see it coming on the horizon, a deep grey line rapidly advancing toward you. The wind then begins to freshen and you reef the sail. Seeing an opportunity, you run into the cabin and grab your soap and shampoo, and then you wait. You don't have to wait long. As soon as the deluge starts, you begin to scrub. Squalls come and go quickly. They are common in the ITCZ. At least, they're refreshing, and the perfect opportunity for an impromptu shower. And, it's almost as much fun as it was to run through a sprinkler when you were a child.

Before that particular squall, a strange looking ship crossed our path. I don't mean a freighter like the ones we occasionally see on the horizon. This was a worn-out stinkpot that looked cobbled together. We did not see anyone on deck, they simply went by us and continued on. It seemed so odd to come across something like that out in the middle of nowhere. It certainly had us asking ourselves questions.

Last night, Rick identified the Southern Cross for the first time. The clouds had dispersed long enough for us to see a star-filled sky that didn't entirely look familiar anymore. This particular constellation is to the Southern Hemisphere what the North Star is to the northern Hemisphere. Songs have been written about it. For Nyon, it's symbolic of how far she's come.

In case you are wondering, when we refer to "a day", we mean from noon until noon. The distance traveled is within that time. Right now, we are on Pitcairn Island time; the Marquesas are three hours behind Pacific Standard Time. As we get closer we are arbitrarily adjusting the time on our clocks so we can be in sink with local time when we arrive in Hiva Oa. It will be one less thing to adjust to.

Position: 05* 12.214' N 129* 04.687' W
Distance: 112 nm
Heading: 238* T
Speed: 3.8 knots


  1. " a strange looking ship crossed our path. looked cobbled together. "

    So .... You found Waterworld?

  2. I'd be asking questions about that boat too, as it's a long way between filling stations.




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