Thursday, 7 March 2013

when love comes to town

Nyon loves visitors. Perhaps that's because the kinds of visitors we've had the fortune of receiving aboard our old boat are pretty special. They become what we affectionately refer to as our bonus crew. In actuality, they lose their visitor status within short order. That's because they're willing to participate in the day to day activities - staying aboard Nyon is only partly a holiday, a little bit of a work placement, and an endurance and adaptability test that includes a whole lot of laughter. That's why we like having bonus crew on our boat. They are a part of the family. They lug provisions with us, they help with projects, they explore and discover with us, and they don't mind turning into temporary hippies for a while.

A rock is conquered! Dana rejoices

We had one such bonus crew join us these past 10 days. Dana is definitely family as far as we're concerned. The way she dives into the foray,  it's like she's always been here. Plus, she brings with her treats from home, stories about our peeps, (you're right Bjarne, I do use that word a lot...), and is particulary generous with my favourite kind of hugs: that is, bear-hugs.

If we could, we'd kidnap her and take her to the South Pacific with us. Alas, it is not to be. Instead, we thank our lucky stars that we have a handful of very special people in our lives who haven't forgotten us as we've sailed away from our home country. And once in a while, when we're lucky, one, or two, or three of them come to see us, wherever we are. They remind us how precious lifelong friendships truly are. Thanks for the love Dana, we'll miss you, and I know Nyon will too, especially the stainless steel!


Exploring Mezteño
Rick dives in for a "refreshing" dip

A visit at the sea lion rookery

Making a new friend -
We always have time to make new friends,
whether they're human or not

Happy times

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