Saturday, 23 March 2013

the race to the start line

Leaving La Paz in our wake
While it is a very small step, we have taken the first step of our journey. We have left La Paz for a nearby anchorage - we are taking a day to regroup, reassess and breathe. Since we decided we were crossing the Pacific - nearly 3 months ago, it's been a race to the finish line. Actually, it would be more appropriate to say it has been a race to the start line. 

Hauling up anchor
Photo courtesy of John (Time Piece)

Friends sending us off from
shore.So long Tom, Jeanne and Kevin!
While there are similarities to the hectic preparations for our first passage away from Canada, this time is different. We have a year and a half of full-time cruising under our belts. Some of the then unknowns are no longer unknowns to us. Yet we are not foolish enough to think that we know exactly what to expect from our upcoming voyage. As we mosey our way around the peninsula with a final stop in San Jose del Cabo to receive our zarpes (exit papers), we finally have some time to absorb what we are about to do. This is a big deal for us. And we want to savour it.

On our way!
Photo courtesy of John (Time Piece)

Note: For a different view of our departure, check out SV Eagle's March 22/13 post:


  1. Bon Voyage Kyra and Rick, don't go too fast so we can catch up with you... Big hugs, and warm wishes from the team aboard Letitgo

    1. Merci mes amis! A la prochaine!! On va prendre notre temps... xx



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