Saturday, 9 March 2013

on solid ground

A tiny Nyon in a new favourite anchorage
Mezteño (Isla San Espiritu)

Crystal clear waters and sunshine:
A perfect recipe for your morning coffee
I love living on the water. I also love exploring on land. Rick is the water-baby aboard Nyon: he can easily spend days without so much as putting a toe on dry ground. Oh, he'll get off the boat, and even the dinghy - to float into his favourite world, under the sea. 

I love being afloat, but landlocked mysteries always bring me to shore sooner or later. I need both worlds. While anchored in Mezteño, Dana and I stole away to explore ashore. We decided we'd follow the arroyo and see how far it would take us - eventually looking up the cliffside, one of us suggested we scale up to the top and see what's what. The other agreed, and off we went. 

Looking up the arroyo
Dana learned that plants can be mean in the desert, or at least a little needy with their thorns. We were both scratched and bloody by the time we returned to the boat, tired too. A combination of climbing and heat for a few hours can do that. Yet we both had goofy grins on our faces. The desert, however harsh - is a beautiful and fascinating place.

Can they see me? Can they see me?
Finding beauty in small splashes of colour
The secret passage, Dana the explorer
leads us to the top of the cliff

Kindred spirits reunited

Mother Nature's art offering
Photo courtesy of Dana

Thorns, beautiful thorns (from a distance, that is)
Photo courtesy of Dana


  1. Those islas are the cure for too much time in La Paz. Your pictures and tales make me miss Mexico so much! I'm like you... always looking for that hike next to an anchorage. Love following the arroyos to see where they lead... always hoping it involves a peek down at our pretty boat somehow! Gorgeous photos of Nyon below you.

    1. Thanks Behan! I more often than not need a break from La Paz - I don't feel the same attraction to that town that a lot of cruisers seem to - partly it's that I need to recharge in nature - be it a desert or a rainforest...



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