Friday, 29 March 2013

goodbye mexico

Mexico, oh Mexico, you certainly have a special place in our hearts.

Thank you for welcoming us into your arms. Your dusty smells, your jungle lushness, your waters - a jewel-like turquoise. 

We loved your small villages your old cities; the friendly pangueros we met throughout the Sea – like the one who borrowed tools from us and came back with fresh fish in thanks later that day. From the shy but playful coyotes in the desert, to the fish we chased through the reefs.

We liked the little taco stands and tried to avoid your tourist spots. They’re not your fault, we know. They boost your economy. But we like hanging out with your people, not with caricatures. We have massacred your language trying to befriend you – the laughter and encouragement we received in our attempts made us try even harder. We didn’t so much like your storms, but we understand – you too, have to blow off some steam  once in a while.

The sun loves to shine on you, and your cacti, while seemingly unfriendly are so resilient. I admire their tenacity – they tough out the hard times, kind of like you do. We’ve seen your deserts sprout incredible splashes of green after a fine mist of rain, and we swam in your sparkling bioluminescence under starry skies – magic!

Not everything about you is beautiful. The garbage burning on the side of the road, the stray dogs we fell in love with but had to leave behind, the watered down Mexican tourist towns…

The gritty, the beautiful – they live side by side within your boundaries. In between, we found your loveliness, your uniqueness.

Yes, we will miss you.

Yet we hear the sweet call of an island far away, and we must go meet her – but don’t worry, we won’t forget you. 


  1. and it won't be the same without Kyra and Rick.

    1. *Big hugs* Goodbye you guys!! We'll miss you! xo the Nyoners

  2. We'll miss you guys! Have a safe trip, and enjoy the next chapter!

  3. Have so much fun on your next adventure! However, we will be in Mexico in a few days and will miss getting to meet up with you guys.



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