Sunday, 31 March 2013

day 2 - to grab and to hold

Out of sight of land, we are surrounded by boisterous seas that are in turn, an exquisite indigo blue, a rich royal blue, or a steely grey when clouds block the sun. Nyon is finally able to spread her wings - we find ourselves having to hold her back in these winds averaging15-25 knots. It's a question of adjusting the sails so the boat doesn't feel overpowered. When she's slightly underpowered, she's a much more comfortable ride.

That doesn't mean we have found our footing quite yet, or at least, not I. Waves come in different sizes, speeds, and at slightly different angles - there's a dip, a roll, a drop,two more rolls - it's like a wild dance, and no one knows what the next step will be. Some things we're both good at, is to grab at, lean on, and hang on to. After all, we learned those skills the hard way on our first offshore passage.

Otherwise, we have found our rhythm. Sleep in the warm sea berth is precious,meals are a focal point, and we find ourselves staring at the ocean, a lot. We have been listening to podcasts (TED Radio Hour, the Q, Quirks and Quarks...) and reading books that had been patiently waiting for us in the whirlwind that was getting ready for this journey. Life is back to the basics, and we're loving it.

Position: 21 03.591' N - 112 11.281' W
Distance in 24hrs: 122 nm
Heading: 243 T
Speed: 4.7

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