Saturday, 30 March 2013

day 1 - a study in contrasts

We untied the dock lines, waved goodbye to the S/V Pura Vida crew, and motored out of the channel. A nice breeze was blowing, so we raised our sails, turned off the engine, and pointed our bow southwest. Leaving, in the end, is that simple.

Early in our journey, the forecasted wind just disappeared. We went from sailing at a speed of 5.2 knots to moving at .9 knots, if that. And for hours, we crawled 3 nautical miles off the Spring Break beaches, the thumping loudspeakers echoing our sometimes loud frustration over the water.

This is also a part of what we signed up for. The waiting: we simply had to wait for the wind to return. I read somewhere, to forget fearing the big winds, and to ready ourselves for the doldrums - now they, will get under your skin. They will drive you crazy. You have to accept to be still. This is perhaps the best way to learn the art of patience. It seems the wind gods felt we needed this lesson early in our journey!

At around 0030, the wind came back with a vengeance: it rapidly built to 25 knots with gusts to 30, and was accompanied by big beam seas. Ah, okay. This is what we remember. With reefed sails, we began to fly, and bounce. While we fairly quickly acclimatize to the motion of the boat out on the big blue, the winds have now settled around the expected 15-20 knots. And as I look back at the fading outline of the Baja mountains, I think: We. Are. On. Our. Way!

Position: 22 12.920' N - 110 26.686' W
Distance: 74 nm
Heading: 243 T
Speed: 5.1 knots

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