Friday, 1 March 2013

a rainbow of a month

My 9 year old niece: herself  work of art
as she helps out in the garden
February can be described as the colourful month. It was filled with the bright colours of Carnaval, dashes of a partial family reunion, mixed with a colourful blur of errands, topped up with shades of dust and stainless steel on Nyon. February was when our "Divide and Conquer Mission" took place. I left Rick and Mexico behind for 2 weeks - San Diego was where we could procure some much needed supplies. The bonus? I got to see my sister and her family, and my mom flew in from Canada. It was wonderful to be surrounded by a whole lot of family love while I wrapped my mind around my next adventure. Rick experienced Carnaval mostly from a distance. Busy with projects, he made it to one of the three parades.

At the end of February, we were happily reunited, ready to tackle more projects together. Finally, our lovely friend Dana joined us aboard Nyon for a bit of work and play. All in all, a vibrant month!

Rick's view was a little more monochromatic

Luckily, he got to enjoy some colourful floats
The La Paz sky at sunset
Connecting with Patricia and Thomas (Patricia,my nieces'
Spanish teacher has become a friend) - Thanks sis, for
introducing us!
Dana, soaking in the Mexican sun after escaping
the Pacific Northwest greys

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