Sunday, 24 February 2013

a man and his best friend

While we get ourselves and Nyon ready for the Puddle Jump, let me tell you a story. A story about two friends: a man and a fish. "That's Impossible!" you exclaim. Why yes, it is possible.

Meet Fido. Fido is a Cortez Angelfish.

And if you don't already know, this is Rick: the man in the story.

Rick and Fido met in Caleta Pulpito. It was a chance meeting. Rick was hunting for dinner with his spear and Fido happened to be nearby. Now, before you shudder with visions of Fido's impending doom, he was in no danger: Cortez Angelfish are not on our menu. Fido must have known that. 

You see, Fido thought it was great fun to be Rick's sidekick. He followed Rick around with determination and a complete lack of fear. Cortez Angelfish are pretty curious fish, they are certainly more brazen then say, Groupers are. But Fido was special. He stuck to Rick like glue. Nothing fazed him. That's when we decided he needed a name. 

And that is how Rick and Fido became friends. The two them had a grand old time swimming in the turquoise waters of the northern Sea of Cortez. Never there was a fish who liked Rick so much. Most of them are terrified of him, but not Fido. Rick and Fido were thick as thieves. Until it was time to say goodbye, that is. 

The brave little fish looked on as we rowed away. We waved at the depths below us, 
"Goodbye Fido, goodbye!"

The End.


  1. Fido has such a cute face, you need to paint him!

  2. Thanks all - I thought I'd have a bit of fun in the busy-ness of getting ready for our biggest passage yet! I just might Jen! (Once I'm in French Poly)

  3. Wow! Rick needs to go back and find his friend. Friendships like that don't come easy. Just saying....

    1. Haha... We won't just miss Fido you know... ;)



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