Friday, 4 January 2013

parlez-vous français?

Nyon has no idea what we're about to do

It just happened. There were no fireworks, no drum rolls. Just a look. A nod. And that was that. The decision was made.

It’s official: Barring any insurmountable obstacles, we are leaving Mexico and sailing to the South Pacific this spring. French Polynesia, here we come!

While there were no fireworks, I’ll admit to some squealing and jumping up and down once it sank in. I will also concede that a mild panic followed shortly after we hugged over our decision. We. Have. So. Much. To. Do. Sure, we have done a fair bit of research on the South Pacific and its various island countries already, but it’s different when you know you’re leaving in three months. We have started and updated a dozen lists: What to fix, what to acquire, what route to take, what to research; what, what, what. But that’s okay. We have a goal.

We are about to begin a new chapter on this incredible voyage. And we are excited!

Officially signed up for the Puddle Jump Rally - Oh yeah baby!


  1. How exciting! Will eagerly await blog posts as you prepare and then leave.

    In one way, I'm a little disappointed -- had hoped to cross paths when we come down in November. But that's selfish. Oh well, perhaps along the way....

    Congratulations on the decision ("decisions" seem difficult for me). Have fun preparing!

    SV Pelagia (Vancouver, BC)

    1. Thanks David! You'll find the cruising community is small in a strange way - I'm sure we'll see each other along the way! Would love to meet you guys! Cheers, the Nyon crew

  2. YAY!!! Awesome decision! We approve. Where are you thinking of leaving from?

    All the best,
    Anne-Marie & Chris
    S/V Starship

  3. Hey Annie! We figured you'd approve - we're leaving from La Paz - have you guys left for the mainland yet? (I can't remember when you said were sailing across) See you guys in the Marquesas...



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