Friday, 14 December 2012

out of the darkness, and into the boat

Moths get a bad rap. Butterflies get all the love, it's not fair. When people think of moths, they think drab; everyone thinks butterflies are beautiful.

Many sailors shudder when they talk about some of the uninvited nocturnal visitors that sometimes fly aboard in the Sea of Cortez. And it's not just at night: Once, while on a hike, I got excited thinking I saw a hummingbird hovering around a flowering bush - I'm always on the lookout, my mother-in-law loves hummingbirds. I was trying to take a photo when Rick pointed out that it was a GIANT bug, not a bird. (Upon further research, there is such a thing as a hummingbird moth!)

Call me weird, but I think moths are beautiful. They can be big, yes. But they are also lovely. Don't you think?

A moth, resting on my arm

This post is dedicated to my niece Chloé, who loves all creatures: Big, small, and even slimy.

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