Saturday, 8 December 2012

little bay, little bay we like you

Candeleros Chico is just that. Chico, small. And quaint. We loved it. Normally, we would not choose a north facing anchorage in the winter season, since the prevailing winds come from the northwest. The forecast, however, promised westerly winds. We decided to take a chance. (It neglected to specify strong westerlies, but we’ll come to that.)

This quiet spot was a relief after the busy-ness of Puerto Escondido. We snorkeled, we showered in the cockpit, and we drank hot tea and read our books. The radio was silent. There were no dinghies whizzing by. All we heard was the buzz of crickets and the chatter of seagulls. Beck and Duane, a pair of friendly kayakers from Canada shared the bay with us later that day.

Other than a visit by rambunctious coyotes early in the evening, it looked like we were all going to enjoy a quiet night. But it wasn’t to be. At around 0130, the wind began to whistle in the rigging. Luckily there was no fetch, the wind was coming from the land, but the noise definitely kept us awake. We started an anchor watch when we saw gusts nearing the 30 knot range.

At 0530, the wind disappeared. It was as if someone had simply turned off a switch. Bleary-eyed, we trudged back to bed and tried to catch up on our sleep. 

To soon, we headed south to Agua Verde - hooking a dorado along the way. We had fun catching up with SV Interabang, while sharing some pretty divine dorado sashimi with them.

Red Fan Coral

Bigger than my hand

This Christmas Tree Worm is for Bjarne and Barb - Look!
It's blue, and now I know what it's called!

He thinks he's camouflaged...

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