Friday, 23 November 2012

under its spell

Anchoring in Honeymoon Cove: We had a welcoming
committee, do you see them?
We love dolphins

A thousand nautical miles and five months ago, we were here. Right here at Isla Danzante (Dancer Island). We have completed the loop, and have now rejoined a familiar path that will lead us back to La Paz.

Rick and I loved this island before, and we love it now. Sure the beaches are rocky, and jumping in the water takes your breath away at this time of year, but its appeal has not diminished for us. We’re not exactly sure what it is. This is the kind of island one wanders across in the early morning hours. It buzzes with the sounds of insects and the yelps of hikers, (or should I say one hiker in particular, when she accidentally became intimate with a prickly bush). Did I mention that there are a lot more plants here since our last visit?

Early morning light
A lovely shade of blue
I had been feeling out of sorts for a couple of weeks. A little bit blue. Rick and I have not been feeling particularly social lately, yet I was still trying to be. I like people after all. However, when our friends scampered away to their next planned destinations. We stayed put and decided to hang out, just the two of us. It’s been a long while since we have been alone. We loved buddy-boating this summer, but sometimes, too much of a good thing is just too much. We are still trying to figure out just the right balance. We're just not very good at it yet. Since we decided to spend a little more time here, on our own, I have felt my mood shift for the better. 

Spidery home
Snorkeling here is no longer a 3-hour affair. We’re lucky if we last an hour. The water is decidedly cool. Rick is more determined than I am to go in the water. I had to rescue him with hot tea and blankets after a particularly bad case of the shivers. He is on the lookout for a used wet-suit. I hope we find him one soon, because this water baby likes to hang out with the fishes and would be lost if he got stuck above water for too long.

Today, my legs and arms are sore, not from hiking up the nearby hill, but from two wipe-outs over loose rocks and a close encounter with that bush and its one-inch long needles. Don’t fret: I only suffered a few minor flesh wounds. I’m told it builds character or something like that. But I know that’s just the side-effect of Kyras going on hikes. When we arrived at the top, we relished the beautiful view, while quietly chatting and counting grasshoppers. (Photos in next post.)

Yep, this island has put a spell on us. And we don't want to break it.

Enjoying the early morning hours

The sun is warming the island up, as morning

Beautiful, in a prickly way

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  1. The island looks beautiful :). I can relate with the need to be alone sometimes more than others. I'm sort of solitary, it's just how I am. Too many people for too long just takes it out of me.

    I hope Rick finds a wet suit!!



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