Tuesday, 6 November 2012

heat, or the lack thereof

Written by Rick

The author, back in March 2012
Before we experienced the
summer heat of the Sea of Cortez
Well, it has happened. We are here on the hard in San Carlos, and the temperature had dropped. Sure, we still have daytime highs of around 34 degrees, but all that changes overnight. 

We have seen overnight lows down around room temperature. 

After spending months sleeping naked with a top sheet nearby, just in case. Going to sleep, in a sweat-damp spot every night. Hoping that the sheets will have dried out by bedtime. There has been a transition. 

At first it was just pulling a corner of a sheet over our waists at about 5:30am. Gradually the sheet time got earlier, and the body parts covered became greater. 

Then came the night that was a real turning point. That's right, the night it was cool enough to cuddle. 

From there, we started with some portion of top sheet, when we went to bed. Then we dug out a blanket, to have handy, just in case. Now that we are seeing overnight temperatures in the low 20s, the blanket has been put into active service. 

After we get back in the water, after we feel like we have experienced San Carlos, we are going to re-cross the Sea of Cortez. Follow the warm water south to La Paz. 

Last year we went south on the Mainland, down to Manzanillo. We heard that it sometimes got decidedly cool, over the winter, in La Paz. We heard some rumors, while over on the mainland. Rumors about the F-word. That's right, Fleece. 

I hope these rumors prove to be entirely baseless. 


  1. We have been incommunicado from all things cruising for so long - land based projects keeping us busy and away from lonely Intrepid II languishing in Marina Seca. Looking forward to catching up on your adventures old and new. Fair winds. Carol and Kelly

    1. Thanks you guys! All the best with you projects,cheers the Nyon crew



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