Friday, 23 November 2012

ballandra, it's you again!

We love Ballandra. It's an anchorage on Isla Carmen. Undoubtedly, our friend John likes it even more than we do. (Last summer, he stayed there far longer than any other sailor I know.) We enjoyed another side of Ballandra - we don't last long snorkeling these days, so we hike. Following are photos from our meanderings on the island. (Warning: There are many boring flower photos. Sorry, I can't help it.)

Time Piece in an artsy moment

Lovely lushness

Nyon, looking good

The guys lead the way

Pretty flower

I like butterflies

The obligatory self-portrait

Another lovely flower
The ruins of an abode built in 1921. (Rick couldn't help saying
"Kyra, are we on the show "Lost"?)

See? I told you so

Nice view from inside the house

More greenery, and caves! Many caves!

He's had better days...
(Findings in a cave)

I like the colour

Looking inland from the beach, after the hike

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