Tuesday, 30 October 2012

we would have stayed longer

 Why, hello there
Reptilian eyes looked back at us, wary. We stood still, watching. We’d been looking for him. He was one of the reasons we’d sailed to this little island south of Isla Tiburon.

Chuckwallas are a rare and protected type of iguana only found on Isla San Esteban and two other islands in the Sea. They tend to be more colourful than their counterparts on the mainland. We had decided to pay them a visit. He was our first sighting.

Isla Esteban, an island crowded with steep, rocky cliffs and an abundance of cardon cacti, is delightful. It has two anchorages, they are both considered marginal. Not many sailors seem to come here. It sounded just like the kind of place we’d want to explore. We stayed in the eastern anchorage, tucked away from southwesterly winds. It has a rocky bottom, supposedly with scattered patches of sand – but we didn’t find those. Once we made sure we were secure, we went looking for chuckwallas and were instantly charmed by the island itself.

The Three Musketeers 

Our boats

Feeling small

Another one!
I spotted the first iguana. Soon we observed more. There were also giant spiders, smaller lizards and the usual affluence of birds. We three wandered about for the afternoon – and returned to our boats hungry for dinner. John had caught a 41-inch dorado on the way here. I’d found a can of mangoes; we had a delicious dinner while the lights of Bahia Kino taunted us from afar. We didn’t feel ready to head toward civilization, but depleting supplies were drawing us closer.

Close encounter

I apparently suffer from the same affliction
as my mother, I tend to continue chatting
while photos are being taken...
(There mom, I admitted it!)

That night, the sea conditions changed enough that we ended up rolling a fair bit. Following a lazy morning coffee and a bout of snorkeling in very clear waters, we grudgingly weighed anchor and went looking for a more protected anchorage on the eastern side of Isla Tiburon.

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