Wednesday, 17 October 2012

the joys of cake and water

A visitor on Nyon
We will accept any excuse for a celebration. We delight in celebrating both trivial and momentous events. And sometimes, that includes cake. When we returned to the Isla Mitlan anchorage near Isla Coronado, (after a short, but necessary trip to civilization), we were more than willing to revel in a few special occasions.

It began with SV Eagle Tom’s 25th anniversary of his 29th birthday. (I’m stealing Tom’s line.) Birthdays are fun, and so was this one. There were goofy presents, a harrowing card game, a buxom mermaid drawing and a cake baked by Jeanne. The cake was tasty. Tom liked the mermaid too.

Sailors hanging out on the beach
Two days later, on September 6, we agreed that leaving Canada exactly one year earlier, was also worthy of cake. Thus, we invited nearby boats to come share appetizers and dessert on the beach with us. It was hot and there were many houseflies, but we were living the dream, so what are a few flies, right? When the wind suddenly picked up, sailors skedaddled back to their boats, bellies full with delicious goodness.

And two days after that? There was no cake, but there was dorado (mahi-mahi). We like dorado. This time, we were celebrating the first anniversary of John “untying-the-dock-lines” to go cruising full-time. Good company, special beer from Seattle and more full bellies later, we headed home in the dark, singing songs.

Rick hard at work
That same day, we were also happy about something else. We received our new (to us) watermaker. Yep, we did it. We had the opportunity to buy a used watermaker for a fraction of the original price.1 We call it serendipity. The challenges of fetching water in the Northern Sea of Cortez, and the added independence we realized this would give us, made the investment well worth it. (We could not have considered a new one, but the universe provided us with a well-used one. Hey Shelly, the universe really does provide!)

Installing the high pressure
A few days later, we were all alone at Isla Mitlan. We enjoyed having the anchorage to ourselves for a day, misplacing clothing and leaping off the boat after a sweaty few hours of watermaker installation. Later that afternoon, the skies grew dark and we heard Trisha calling us on the VHF radio. “It just started pouring down here, very suddenly – you might want to close your hatches, it’s coming your way.” Trisha and Derrick were in the anchorage south of us. Just in time, the hatches were latched. The sky opened up and emptied itself on Nyon while lightning and thunder chased one another above us. That was quite a dramatic finish to an excellent stay at Isla Coronado.

1The initial installation of the watermaker proceeded rather smoothly, (meaning there was minimal profanity). There were a few eventual challenges; ironically they were due to other systems being in the way. That is not unusual on a boat. Considering this was all done at anchor, it went well. (Rick will hopefully write a more detailed account soon.) The end result: we can make water now. Huzzah!


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    1. Miss you too! I need some girl time!! :)E-mail coming up - see you back on the Baja side soon soon - K



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