Wednesday, 24 October 2012

storms, chores and playing cards

Catching dinner on the way

We arrived at Isla La Ventana in time for a good storm. We had just dropped the hook after making our way through the reef strewn islands that surround this little island. Almost immediately, the wind began whistling through our rigging. We were alert but comfortable as we watched the white caps grow just outside our little bay. Happy to be in a protected anchorage, we listened to the VHF radio with concern; our friends anchored near the village were getting a bit of a beating in that anchorage’s open waters.

Watching the storm build from our anchorage
Not long after, all was still again. Following the revelries of the past week, it was time to catch up on a few chores. Rick chose to hand wash laundry, while I took our “burnable trash” to a little rocky beach and started a fire. That’s the way here in Mexico.

The calm after the storm
Chores completed, we rewarded ourselves with a few rounds of 2-handed Baja Rummy, a popular card game among our friends. To quote Rick, he kicked my lily white a**. (Tragically, I have only ever won one game: So far, Derrick, so far.) After a refreshing swim and shower, Rick cooked up the sierra we caught on the way over, and we spent a quiet evening looking at the stars.

Following a good snorkel at the nearby reef the next morning, we half-heartedly made our way to the village and civilization for a final provisioning before heading further afield.

Small hitchhiker on the
way to Bahia Los Angeles
Rick and John playing chess while we were anchored near
Bahia de Los Angeles - our final trip there before heading
south, and then east

Our final view of Bahia LA
We stopped in Puerto Don Juan for two days. Two days of expanding boat jobs, jobs like doing maintenance on the sanitation system, our favourite! Although we spiced things up with bits of socializing and some snorkeling, we were ready to sail away after all that sweating and swearing. Isla Angel de la Guarda was on the horizon.

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  1. But the real question is... "What is Rick's favorite chess opening?"



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