Wednesday, 31 October 2012

shifting sands and cooler nights

Our anchorage, south of Bahia Kino Village - before the wind
picked up

I can’t remember exactly when it happened. Was it when we first reached Isla Tiburon, or Isla Esteban? I definitely remember it happening in Bahia Kino. The first time we covered ourselves with a bed sheet, and gasp! A blanket. Nighttime was not the same anymore.

And when did I first dare to put on a hoodie to ward off a “cool” evening? The hoodie, I remember – it was in Bahia de los Perros: The Bay of Dogs (Eastern Tiburon). It felt so strange to wear a long-sleeved garment. Since then, John has even admitted to putting on socks in the early morning. We are resisting the urge, but 21 degrees Celsius is downright chilly! Oh my, what wusses we have become. The Sea of Cortez is cooling off and we’re traumatized. Yet, we are still in shorts and tank tops during the day. (You can read Rick's take on these developments here.)

The shrimpers off Dog Bay
Eastern Tiburon was not particularly memorable – There was the ever present fleet of shrimpers, and the hazy mainland behind it. We laid low, did a few chores, listened to coyotes playing on the beach at night. Soon, we headed toward Bahia Kino without a backward glance. Well, John glanced back, he caught 2 dorados. We kept catching skip jacks and having to release them since we don’t eat them. What are we doing wrong?

Fishing chores, one is filleting fish, the other is making
his specialty lures

Bahia Kino, at first, barely a mirage 
Bahia Kino was exciting. It was exciting because we got to buy tortillas… produce… cheese! We anchored three nautical miles south of the village, the point protected us from predicted south easterly winds. We took Nyon on a day trip, closer to the village – we couldn’t anchor very close, as the area is full of shoals. No matter, we enjoyed some meat tacos and doing errands, only to come back to our southern anchorage exhausted. I think I’ve mentioned this before, civilization is tiring.

Town visit

Exploring Las Cocinas
We sat out a couple windy days in our little corner of the bay, and when the wind shifted to the west, we bounced our way out of there. Our next destination was Bahia Las Cocinas, 55 nautical miles south. Dodging the shrimp fleet at three in the morning was fun, we arrived in Las Cocinas midday.

Las Cocinas was mildly disappointing. While there are neat rocky lobes to explore south of the bay, and some half decent snorkelling spots, it was rolly and lacked the charm I’d expected. Maybe it was the piles of jetsam on the beach. We left there early one morning, ready for a more protected anchorage. We found one, and we were instantly smitten, but that’s for another post.

Dinghy boys

Pretty sunset

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