Sunday, 28 October 2012

retracing our steps

We escaped Puerto Refugio’s bobos by returning south with our buddies on Eagle and Time Piece. The bobos became scarcer as we sailed closer to Caleta Pulpito. And while the greenery had yellowed  and the water was not as clear since our last visit, it was good to be back. This was in spite of the dominant winds that turned the bay into a washing machine. We decided to brave the swell with a stern anchor, hoping the wind would soon shift, as the forecast had promised. While Time Piece also stuck around, Eagle chose to look for calmer waters in the northern part of Ensenada de Pulpito. By nighttime, everything had quieted down. Eagle joined us in Caleta Pulpito the next morning.

Making friends 
Once again, this bay called for snorkeling and frolicking in the water. We did just that. We swam with turtles and fish; we played with sea lions. There was a small group of young sea lions that liked to hang out near the western point of the bay – while shyer than their counterparts on Isla Islotes, they were as curious about us as we were about them. We cautiously circled each other underwater, and poked our heads up above the water to suss each other out. Jeanne is remarkably talented at sounding like them too – I kept getting confused, until I saw the sea lions staring at her. I wonder what she told them.

I love sea turtles...

Lefty and I having words
40 and still silly
Caleta Pulpito is also where we celebrated my birthday: The big 4-0. Yikes, already? Rick baked a cake, put up balloons all over the cabin and made me a homemade birthday card. I was also spoiled by the gang. They know how to make a girl feel special. 

I had a fabulous day, thanks Jeanne, Tom, John and Ricky – if this is being forty, I don’t mind one bit.

Nyon in her element
Photo courtesy of Tom (SV Eagle)
After a week in Caleta Pulpito, all three boats decided to sail down to Isla Estanque. We enjoyed a fabulous sail, zig-zagging with Eagle and taking a million photos of each other’s boats under sail. That night, the “Eagle Café” invited us over for a last meal before we were to part ways for the next few weeks. We were headed east with John, and they were headed south toward La Paz. Jeanne, as usual, spoiled us with a delicious meal that included dorado sushi, (she had caught the 40 inch dorado on the way down), and lobster tails exchanged for cookies and juice with pangueros passing by. Needless to say, she’s a woman of many talents! We look forward to catching up with the Eagles in the near future.


Our buddies on SV Eagle, looking good guys!

The less glamorous side of sailing -
Doing laundry underway
(Hey, the wind picked up partway, couldn't just
stop now, could I?)

Back for some more eye-candy
Photo courtesy of Jeanne (SV Eagle)
We spent one more day in Estanque, tackling a few small boat projects. I also made buns for a fish burger dinner. John provided fake mashed potatoes and Jello. Not bad, for depleting provisions. The next day we were leaving at dawn, so this was an early night for the three musketeers.
We were ready to cross the Sea, to see what was on the other side.

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