Thursday, 25 October 2012

enchanted in estanque part II

To the right, a lagoon, on the left, the Sea of Cortez
When you begin on a good note, can it get even better? It did for us. The days we spent in the Isla Estanque anchorage with Time Piece, were the most relaxing and enjoyable days we’d experienced in a long time. When I noted how much I loved this place: The beauty, the solitude, John added, “This, is cruising.” Rick and I agreed. While we do love exploring towns and villages, we relish immersing ourselves in the naturally slow rhythm of the desert.
small treasure
In the few glorious days we spent at Isla Estanque, the guys speared our dinners, I borrowed John’s kayak and went on solo explorations, enjoying the solitude. I explored the spit, the lagoon, the small sandy beach of the little bay in the corner. I collected a few stones and oddities. I observed birds, lizards, crabs, fish, and snake tracks. I cooled off in turquoise waters. There were shared meals and fishing stories too. There are always fishing stories. Of course, we had to celebrate Mr. Engine’s recovery. (And yes, there was cake. I think we’re getting out of control.) Rick saw an octopus. John saw three turtles. Dolphins caroused around my kayak, and the breeze cooled us off on occasion. We would smile at each other, exclaiming how lucky we were to be there.
In the corner bay, a cool stone display
In spite of waxing poetic, I don’t think I can give what this place felt like justice. I’m surprised at how much I liked it. Perhaps it was partly my state of mind. Our last evening there, four boats dotted the horizon; Rick now refers to this turn of event as “when the invasion fleet arrived”. We were relieved about our planned departure the next day. John would be buddy-boating with us. While we enjoy being social, part of the charm of the place was that we had had it all to ourselves. We were to explore further north, inching closer to Puerto Refugio at a nice slow pace. We’d read about a little bay, midway up the eastern side of Angel de la Guarda that is not as well known. That was where we’d be.
buddy boats

Leaping dolphins

John, the proud fisherman

Lovely times

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  1. Sounds amazing ... just what we dream of cruising to be (at least the good part)!



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