Thursday, 23 August 2012

two sisters

Our little haven

Cala Puertocito de Enmedio

At first, this anchorage felt like the lesser of the two. Next door to the popular Animas Slot, the larger Cala Puertocito de Enmedio doesn’t feel as intimate; its steep beach is a mixture of pebbles and rocks. Compared to her sister next door, this cove is just a dusty, plain brown.

It’s funny how a couple days there changed our perspective. Maybe it was our restful stay there, or the brightness of the Milky Way; the taste of Rick’s freshly caught leopard grouper in the nearby reef teeming with fish, or the giant scallops given to us by the local pangueros, Carlos, Carlos and Estefan. And as it happens, the landscape isn’t just ordinary brown. Depending on the time of day, the sun paints the striking mountains in the background with shades of ochre, warm reddish browns, bright orange, gold, and dusty rose.

Fresh fish delivery!
Perhaps, we also liked it because we experienced a wonderful freedom having the anchorage all to ourselves; until the mild panic that comes with locating clothes as a panga enters the cove, that is. We did enjoy both the delicious gift of a yellow tail and a visit from Eagle, (they were anchored in Animas Slot for a time); mostly, we kept to ourselves – snorkeling, fishing, reading, writing, and throwing ourselves off the boat. When Eagle called to tell us they had just vacated Animas Slot, we almost felt guilty at the thought of leaving our little haven.

Then we thought of the lovely beach, caves and reefs next door, and got over it.

We eyed each other for a while...

A golden grouper, don't see many of those

Animas Slot

Nooks and Crannies

Our snorkeling buddies
The popular one. It’s big enough for one boat, perhaps two, giving it a cozy feeling. Again, it was just us there. At the south end of the cove, there is a fine white sand beach, bordered by the Sierra Agua de Soda mountain range; while on the western side, there is a rocky islet surrounded by reefs that make for excellent snorkeling. The coyote ashore was shy, but the birds filled the space all around us. We continually heard the heron’s croak and the seagulls’ noisy debates.

I shamefully got flustered when a pelican began following us around as we were swimming off the boat – did he think we would be his supper? After all, he could only see our heads bopping above the water. We tried scaring him away by splashing water at him, but he calmly kept getting closer. Eventually, while he went looking for me around the stern of the boat, I quietly swam around the bow to the ladder. He then resorted to chewing our dinghy painter (rope). Eventually, he went looking for tastier prey. I was almost sad to see him go.

Bye bye Mr. Pelican

White sand. Desert. Saltwater

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