Saturday, 18 August 2012

making contact

Nyon and Storm Bay in the "Key Hole", Cala San Francisquito

Hiking buddies
We arrived in the pink light of dawn. San Francisquito is a large bay, some 80 nautical miles north of Santa Rosalia. The first anchorage is a narrow shelf tucked into the southeastern corner. It felt a little crowded to us that early morning, so we continued on toward the western anchorage. As we passed the tiny entrance to Cala San Francisquito, (what Rick now calls the Key Hole), we noticed but did not immediately recognize a lovely sailboat anchored in the protected harbour. “Look Rick, a sailboat braved going in there!” We’d read that the shallow entrance is fringed with reefs, and the small enclave itself shoals up quickly. As we continued toward the main beach, we noticed a lone figure rowing from said harbour. We anchored, and as the dinghy approached, we heard a familiar voice: “Ahoy Nyon!” We had been trying to catch up to that voice for the past 6 months. Margie’s big grin woke us out of our overnight-passage stupor.

The guys having a chat
We met SV Storm Bay’s Margie and Chris in Victoria over two years ago. Rick was working on a boat at the marina where they were docked; he and Chris fell into a conversation about engines, and Rick ended up rebuilding their injectors. Soon after, we were invited to their boat for Chris’ birthday – they hadn’t even met me yet. The connection was immediate. Over some good local beer, we got to hear these two Aussies’ stories (they’ve now been cruising for 10 years), and shared our dreams with them. We talked of meeting up in Mexico, as they were also heading down there. They left a year before us from the Northeastern Pacific.

The entrance to the Key Hole
That morning, we finally met up in the northern Sea of Cortez.

We enjoyed a few days of their company, an early morning hike, snorkeling, and sharing meals. Books were exchanged, stories shared, and even discussions about politics and religion were fair game. (We have a rule, Rick and I. After putting my foot in my mouth one too many times, we, meaning, I, am no longer allowed to discuss politics or religion with cruisers we don’t know well.) 

Storm Bay moved on for now, while we continued exploring the lovely Bahia San Francisquito, enjoying the company of more boat friends and rambunctious coyotes.

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