Saturday, 18 August 2012

it's a hit

It finally happened. I speared my first fish and got to eat it for dinner. We were spearfishing in the shallow reefs of Cala Mujeres. While it is an odd feeling to end a life, we ended it swiftly. I made what I call a faux-jambalaya with some chorizo and my fish plus Rick’s two fishes, and boy did it taste good. The next step will be to learn to clean and fillet my own fish. I’m not quite ready for that yet.

That morning, Rick and I had decided to go to Cala Mujeres, just north of Bahia San Francisquito. There are two bays to choose from. The northernmost anchorage is lovely. At the head of the bay, there is a white sand beach, while reefs abound near the opening of the bay. We met some of the guys enjoying a couple days off from the little military base located in the “key hole”. We spent a terrific day there. We would have stayed longer, but the swells built up overnight and sent us packing the next morning. With predicted northerlies, we headed back to Bahia San Francisquito, toward our friends on SV Interabang and SV Time Piece, for a killer game of Baja Rummy. It turns out southerlies blew all day and it would have been a good sail north to Animas, but we didn’t mind – we scraped Nyon’s hull clean, washed the krill off our bodies and played cards with some very funny sailors.

Today, we are motoring into light winds. It is what it is, but we were ready for new horizons and chose not to wait for more favourable conditions. Sometimes, that’s okay.

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  1. Congrats on the first fish!

    Any word on what those new horizons you're looking for are?



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