Friday, 20 July 2012

no golden arches here

Some places are just plain cool. And sometimes, to get there, the wind is just right. The day we sailed to Isla San Marcos,  the wind was blowing, the seas were flat, and the sun was shining. Nyon found her groove back.  We cruised at 7.3 knots with the wind in our hair. Sure, we could have reefed the main and have had a little less weather helm, but she was letting loose after so many legs without enough wind to sail. What a treat for us and the old girl! We arrived in Sweet Pea Cove and dropped the hook, exhausted but happy. We were exhausted because our last night in Punta Chivato was a bouncy one, the loud 30 knot winds had kept us awake and on our toes most of the night. 

Blue-footed Booby chilling out on
Isla San Marcos
We only spent one night in Sweet Pea Cove. (This cove was named after a boat that sadly sank there some time ago.) As the wind freshened the next day, we scooted to the no-name anchorage just north of there. After settling in, we left in our dinghy with water, snacks and snorkelling gear. Another bay to the north of us - called Caleta de los Arcos (The bay of the Arches), was calling to us.

On the way there, we had a lovely chat with a blue footed booby. (Okay, it was a one-way conversation, he just stared stoically.) Unbelievably, it was our first sighting ever! They are funny looking birds, but I love them - and their feet really are bright blue. We explored many nooks an crannies in the bay.  The numerous sea caves don't get boring. It was a glorious day of snorkelling, exploring and lounging. The next day, was work, work, work. Boat jobs never go away, even if we sometimes try hard to deny their existence. But, it's all about balance, and it was satisfying to take care of some tasks that needed doing.

This was the first arch we came across.
We really liked this one (at low tide you can go through here),
but you can easily sneak in around the other side when the tide
is higher

Sometimes, you just have to include a cheesy shot

View from the "inside"
Here is a video clip of one of the sea caves we explored.

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  1. Oh wow!!! Love that video! What a cool place. Now I wish we would have gone north with you guys...



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