Sunday, 15 July 2012

jet-ski free

Wary buddies
This Heerman’s Gull wouldn’t leave Rick alone. The turtle was not interested in us at all.

As per usual, we went for a dip after dropping the hook in Playa Santa Barbara. It was hot and humid and the water beckoned. A juvenile gull, wholly unafraid, kept circling around us while slowly aiming for Rick’s tantalizing toes as Rick was blissfully floating in the water. Poor thing never did get what he wanted.

We stayed in Santa Barbara for two days.* The bay is bordered by mangroves, a beach, and a few scattered private palapas. You go there to get away from the busier bays to the north. Weekends in El Burro equate jet-skis and loud music. Two other boats (SV Eagle and SV Time Piece) felt the need for a quieter spot as well, we all agreed to meet in Santa Barbara. Together, we went snorkelling around Islas Tecomate and Guapa. That’s where we saw the lovely turtle. As you can see, turtles are incredibly graceful (and quick) underwater. 

Video courtesy of Jeanne (SV Eagle)

To our chagrin, we all noticed that there were fewer fish here than in anchorages south of Bahia  Concepción. The air was thick with heat and humidity and the water was nearly too warm, but the peaceful atmosphere was pleasant. We enjoyed buddy boating with the gang again – and Jeanne’s lasagna was to die for. Time nearly stood still in Santa Barbara, but Nyon was once again ready to move on. And so we pointed her bow north.

Loved those colours

The boys after a good snorkel

* Santa Barbara is a little bay on the south end of Bahia Coyote, which is still in Bahia Concepcion. “Bahia Concepcion is large and narrow, open to the north and protected to the east by a peninsula of land nearly 25 miles in length.”1 In Bahia Concepcion, there are many bays to tuck into, and the area is popular with tourists. 

1 Shawn Breeding and Heather Bansmer, Sea of Cortez: A Cruiser’s Guidebook. (Washington: Blue Latitude Press LLC, 2009), 20

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