Wednesday, 11 July 2012

the busy little bay that became quiet

He's on fire
I saw a man breathe fire in La Ramada. We all did. When I say all, I mean the crews from the ten or so boats crammed into the protected little bay. No sooner had we dropped the hook that Ethan from SV Eyoni came by to tell us about a potluck on the beach that night. Cruisers can be a friendly bunch.

After some kite flying with the boat kids and breaking bread with young and old alike, the sun dipped down and the moon rose. We sat in a semi-circle, facing the Sea. While you couldn’t see the water in the dark, you could hear the waves lapping the shore. Anchor lights dotted the sky behind our long-bearded Australian and his fire; the air was balmy, and we were ready for the show.

The beach where we cooled off and Rick 
got attacked... by a rock 
(Caleta San Juanico)
On our second day in La Ramada, we hiked to the cruiser’s shrine (more on that later) and beyond.  As the sun heated up, we decided to go skinny-dipping at the deserted beach. There were a few scattered rocks in the shallow waters that were impressively sharp. Rick has proof. His right bum cheek ended up looking like it had been clawed by a wild animal. Don’t worry, he has since recovered nicely. Perhaps we should call it “extreme” skinny dipping… We closed the day aboard Nyon, with our friends Nicki and John over delicious yellow tail steaks, (thank you Tom and Jeannie!), and angel hair pasta with ‘Chocolate’ clams.

Fuzzy cactus
When we awoke the next morning, the bay was nearly deserted while the horizon was dotted with sails. Practically everyone had gotten an early start for the passage to Bahia Concepcion for the July 4th Rendez-vous in El Burro. We were in no rush to leave. We worked on boat projects, napped, and snorkelled. The best part of snorkelling there, was the discovery of a cave. Well, it really was a tunnel. The entrance was framed with colourful fan coral. As we swam through, we identified a few new fishes, chased others, and when we got to the other side, we floated in the water, surrounded by tall cliffs.

Our last evening in La Ramada, we ate Pacific Dog Snapper – thanks to Ethan who shared his catch with us. The winds were in our favour, and once again, we were off.

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