Tuesday, 10 July 2012

before we go...

Yes, we have actually left the Loreto area, I promise. We just had such a great time during our last stay in Isla Coronados, we thought we'd add a few more photos. Please indulge us.

We dreamt of this during rainy Victoria winters...
No fish this time, only hot feet - coming back for beer
Mike (SV Camille) had the right idea

Dolphins! Right there!
[Photo by Verena on SV Camille]

SV Eagle, indoctrinating a few newbies to FARKLE!
(SV Camille, SV Xavier, SV Lion's Paw and SV Eagle)
This eel freaked someone out. (And it wasn't me, right Verena?)
[Photo by Verena on SV Camille]
Okay. We're officially done with this area. Moving north. Now.

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