Monday, 4 June 2012

things that go swoosh in the night

Bahia Candeleros
A glowing creature swam toward our dinghy at an alarming speed. We had just been rowing quietly back to Nyon under a starry sky, following a fun evening with SV Eagle and SV Time Piece. Friends, old and new. Swoosh: The brilliant shape dove under our dinghy and came out on the other side. Nervously, I asked: “What the hell was that?” Moments later, we were  relieved to hear a dolphin’s breath echoing in the night. There were several more spectacular passes on our way home. It was pure magic.

Dolphins on a feeding frenzy
in the anchorage
Bahia Candeleros, (also known as Ensenada Blanca), is a large, crescent-shaped bay with a lonely resort on one end. The bay was crowded with anchored boats while we were there.  In addition, there is an expansive sandy beach, some rocky terrain, and WIFI. While we don’t need the internet like we used to, we do miss being in contact with our people and wish for some kind of connection with the world at large. Mostly, it’s freeing to not have it constantly at our beck and call. We certainly don’t pick anchorages based on internet access, unless we have been out of touch for a while. As it happens, the WIFI in this bay was very good and it allowed us to reach out to loved ones and do some research. Rick even got to enjoy a Skype phone-call with his ma and pa. 

"Owning" the big hair
We stayed in Candeleros longer than we thought we would. For the first time, I actually felt like we really had no schedule to abide by. The next anchorage was not at the forefront of our thoughts. Here, there were things to do, people to see, and Farkle to play. When we finally left, it was because we started to run low on provisions and clean clothes.

Going to the next port!


  1. Wow, hearing the breathe of the dolphin at night ... had to be awesome!

  2. Sounds like a nice place. I hope we get to check it out!



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