Wednesday, 13 June 2012

swept off our feet

Rick, blissed out

Misty afternoon
It didn’t take us long to fall under the spell of Isla Coronados. On a whim, we had decided to leave our cocoon in Ballandra for a different view from our galley.  My body was finally on the mend, and my spirits lifted as we neared the island.

We arrived late afternoon, to a nearly deserted bay. We were surprised; we’d been told it  could get crowded there. Counting us, there were only 4 boats in the anchorage, and two left the next morning.

Our first sunset in Coronado. At first, it looked like this

Thirty minutes later, it looked like this

The chef, about to taste the ceviche
he made with freshly caught fish...
This dish is now Rick's specialty
Isla Coronados is a treasure trove, it's full of nooks and crannies to explore. In the morning, we went fishing, and while the fish didn’t bite, we were soothed by the quiet bay while drifting along in the dinghy. We ended up in the northwest notch of the anchorage. This little nook contained a beach with a rocky reef, and white butterflies everywhere. We spent hours beachcombing and wading in the shallow waters. Two oyster catchers sang their distinctive song while avoiding us and a grey heron watched us warily, its long leg pausing in mid-air. Time flew by, and pangas too. Tourists in Loreto come to the island on day trips. They all headed for the main beach, no one came to our little beach. Rick spent hours scouring the shallow waters for fish bones. They look like beads you’d find in a bead shop, or around a sailor’s neck.

Dolphins eating their breakfast while we sipped our coffees
Our little beach
The fisherman
A different view of our playground
Yup, this is good
Happy in Coronados
The water in Coronados was cooler than in Ballandra – a touch more refreshing as Rick would say. We swam, explored and relaxed. Our last evening there, SV Rage came into the anchorage. We had met Barry and Coni in Candeleros and enjoyed some mighty fine conversation and stories with these two.

Now, we’re on our way back to Ballandra, we hope to meet with up with friends. We’ll be stopping in Loreto for limes and tortillas. When we go back to Isla Carmen, Rick plans to show me a snorkelling spot he’s been saving for me.

We’ve barely scratched the surface on Coronados Island, but this is a backyard we will be revisiting. 

The rocky patch

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  1. What beautiful afternoon and sunset pictures ... looks like yet another amazing place! Glad you're feeling a little better!



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