Monday, 4 June 2012

still in mexico, miles later

Enjoying some rare wind

That would be a thousand nautical miles later. And we are just beginning to explore the Sea of Cortez. We have now traveled a total of 4000 nautical miles since leaving Canada. 

To us, it’s a big deal. Imagine: That’s the same distance separating Victoria, Canada and Sapporo, Japan. Yet unlike some of our friends, we haven’t crossed the great big Pacific Ocean (yet). Still, we continue to take Nyon (or is she taking us?) toward new landscapes. We are grateful to the old girl.

Funny, one thousand nautical miles ago, we were near
another Piedra Blanca


  1. 4000 nautical miles ... that's a very big deal! Congrats and enjoy the Sea of Cortez, which we hear are beautiful cruising grounds!

  2. An incredible journey your on. I am really enjoying reading about it.

  3. We are loving it here! Thanks Ken, I'm glad you are enjoying reading, I'm having fun recording it all - this is a log of sorts... I hope you are loving it on the east coast! Cheers, K



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