Thursday, 7 June 2012

sitting atop an island, sipping coffee

Nyon, with the Baja Peninsula in the background

Another feeding frenzy in the anchorage

I love early mornings. Rick is not a morning person. He’s usually pretty dopey for the first hour or two that he’s awake. It’s difficult for him to string together a sentence during that initial hour. (He readily admits this.) I like the solitude and quiet of mornings. It’s my special time.

Clear green water
My first morning in Honeymoon Cove, I brewed some coffee, threw a few items in my little pack, and rowed to shore. Rick was fast asleep. As I walked up the path from the main cove, I looked back to see a large pod of dolphins feeding in the bay. I could hear and see them clearly as I walked up the hill. I climbed up to a point on the north end of the island. I sat on a rock, drank my coffee, watched, and listened.

Later, the day filled with noise, activity, and laughter. That morning, it was just me and Isla Danzante; and she was a charming companion.

SV Time Piece, SV Eagle, and SV Nyon


  1. That place looks amazing! Glad you got to enjoy it.

  2. Hey guys! We're over in Ensenada Blanca. Can't wait to get over to Honeymoon Cove! Save us a spot :-)
    Verena & Mike, s/v Camille,



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