Tuesday, 12 June 2012

pulling over to civilization

In the plaza
I was grumpy in Loreto. It wasn’t Loreto’s fault. I was in pain, and pain will sometimes make me unpleasant to be around. Since my little escapade on Isla Danzante, my Ankylosing Spondylitis has kicked me in the butt, so to speak.

Having said that, I liked Loreto for what it was: A town, with buildings, people, and tiendas. And a town can be a lovely contrast to uninhabited anchorages, especially when you’ve run out of fruit. We left Ballandra early morning, and John from Time Piece followed soon after. Ten nautical miles later, both boats were anchored once again. We trekked around town (at reduced speed), with John pointing out the tortilleria, grocery stores, marine supply store, and tourist zone. (That one was obvious.) By late afternoon, we ended up at Augie’s, a gringo bar with high speed internet; not our usual kind of hang out, but it was just fine. We caroused for a while before going home to our boats at a very respectable hour... It turns out that civilization can be exhausting.

Near the plaza, and next to Cafe Ole

The mission
We chose a good night to spend in Loreto – the lack of wind meant we weren’t violently rocked at anchor and didn’t have to grumble our way back to Ballandra by the light of the moon. There isn’t much in way of protection there. Simply put, we got a good night’s sleep and we didn’t try to fit all our errands into one day. We’re cruisers after all, we like to pace ourselves.

The following morning I wandered off on my own, taking photos and sitting in the plaza to write while the guys tackled a few more errands. We met at the Café Olé for a late Mexican brunch to fortify ourselves for the task of provisioning.

Later, while lugging heavy bags of groceries back to our dinghy, all we could think was: Got the town fix, time to get off the grid again.

Strings attached

The old mission, a close up

Stairs to nowhere

Away from the tourist area

Mango trees are everywhere... 

Walking to the edge of town

Walking by a daycare. Kids sound the same
no matter where you are

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