Tuesday, 5 June 2012

on privilege and expectations

Protected anchorage
I am often surprised by what I find exciting nowadays. For example, showers. The mere thought of a shower with running water makes me giddy. Sure, I’ve adapted to bathing in salt water with the requisite fresh water rinse, (using a solar shower). I feel like a million bucks after one of those. Okay, maybe a hundred bucks. A real shower definitely makes us both feel like a million bucks.

While we balked at the cost of anchoring in Puerto Escondido, it was almost worth it, if just for those showers. We had two of them, two days in a row! I’d forgotten how soft my hair could feel, and my skin! I could go on. It’s curious how privileged I felt, turning on a faucet and standing under cascading water. There was a time when that was just normal.

Laundry day
Puerto Escondido is a protected anchorage that offers a variety of amenities – like a mini-mart, a Laundromat, potable water, fuel, and an awesome book exchange. Taking full advantage of the facilities, we focused on being productive in order to go find a free anchorage. Soon enough, we were clean, laundered and provisioned; the promise of a good breeze had us point our bow toward Honeymoon Cove, a mere 4 nautical miles away.

Yesterday, I had my usual boat shower, and you know what? I actually did end up feeling like a million bucks after all. If anything, this voyage is teaching us to truly value the simple things we once took for granted, like drinking water, fresh produce, and of course, showers, “real” or not.

Puerto Escondido


  1. I am still watching your every move...I spent some time shopping for boats on-line today...I went sailing last weekend and it was good...best wishes.......xxoo Rob H.

  2. You guys are so right. The boat life really does make you appreciate all the little things you always took for granted. A real shower sounds pretty sweet right now!



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