Wednesday, 6 June 2012

a little slice of heaven

View from Isla Danzante

Sergeant Major enjoying some breadcrumbs I brushed off
our breakfast plates

Some places draw you in. We did not know much about Honeymoon Cove. It seemed like a good alternative to paying anchoring fees in Puerto Escondido. Plus, it was a short sail away. I   like the name of the island: Isla Danzante… Dancing Island. 

We arrived late afternoon, and anchored near our friends on SV Eagle in the central cove. Soon after, John on SV Time Piece joined us. When the south-eastern cove became free the next day, we moved to our private little slice of paradise, a short row away. Our visit there stretched to nearly a week.

The days found their natural rhythm. We spent our time snorkelling, socializing, doing boat jobs, and hiking… The island felt like a big playground.

We had met Eagle’s Tom and Jeannie on the outside of the Baja, our first month in Mexico. It’s been fantastic to hang out with those two again. Surprisingly, there were never more than 4 boats in this anchorage, and eventually only Time Piece and Nyon were left. We weren’t quite ready to leave, and neither was Time Piece. Happily for us, we got to know John (and we like him!) The three of us continued having fun exploring and sharing meals together. Rick and John are off fishing right now – I’m hoping for fish tacos tonight. [My wish was granted!]

Soon we’ll move on, but of course, we’ll meet up with Eagle and Time Piece again since we’re all sticking around for the summer. I predict many more Farkle games and silly fun. 

Hiking on the island

This is steeper than it looks I kept hiking when the guys
decided to go back for the dinghies(Of course, I lost the trail and
got myself stuck on a steep mountain-side of loose rocks.
The climb down was, uh, interesting...

Dinghies coming over to the north end 
Three goofs on one island 
The guys catching dinner
(John very generously has loaned Rick one of his fishing rods -
and he's loving it!)

Mmm, dinner!


  1. Its beautiful. I cannot wait to get out there!

    1. It's worth the blood sweat and tears! :)

  2. In the year we were out on our first cruise, Honeymoon Cove was probably our favorite anchorage. We did some ninja anchoring to get way up into the north cove.

    I'm really enjoying your trip up the Sea of Cortez. Tell it hello for us.

    s/v hello world

    1. Yep, we loved Honeymoon Cove, it was a lovely unexpected gift! We passed on your greetings to the Sea! :)



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