Saturday, 23 June 2012

here, fishy fishy...

We love fish. We like observing them in their natural habitat, and we like some of them with garlic and lime juice on our plates...

I'm not trying to be facetious, this is indeed the contradictory truth. Snorkeling is by far, one of our favourite pastimes. It just turns out that fishing is also Rick's new passion. While I have been partaking in fishing trips, I have yet to catch an edible fish. We were given a fishing rod, and on occasion, Rick has caught fish with it. But today, he finally speared two fish with his nearly new pole-spear. It was very exciting, and tonight, we will feast. 

Sergeant Majors are everywhere in the Sea
This Greybar Grunt is trying to ignore me
While this little King Angelfish was staring me down

This here fish, with the funny bump on his head, is a Mexican Hogfish

Playing hide-and-seek with a juvenile hawkfish


I have spent the last couple of weeks learning to fish. My luck hasn't been great so far. But, I have         caught a few. We have eaten fresh sand bass and a strange looking thing called a triggerfish.

Triggerfish... poor sucker didn't know what was coming...
The Triggerfish is a roundish fish with a small mouth and big teeth. They do most of their swimming by undulating the oversized anal, and second dorsal fins. They get their name from the first dorsal fin, which is mostly a heavy spike-like protuberance.  When they are threatened, say, when they have a fish hook in their mouth, they dart into the rocks and use their trigger fin to anchor themselves so they can't be gotten out. 

Triggerfish are the reason that I don't have any jigging lures left. I need to include replacement fishing gear to my provisioning list. 

This morning Kyra and I went snorkeling at Isla Coronados. I brought along my new(ish) pole-spear. It is a 6' fiberglass rod, with a barbed tip on one end, and a loop of surgical tubing on the other. You loop the tubing over your thumb and stretch your hand to the middle of the spear. It is sort of like a one-handed sling-shot. 

I have tried it out a few times, without success. Today I had success. Kyra called me over to where she saw a big Triggerfish. I was about 40 feet away, when I cocked my pole-spear. Another 15 feet, and I saw a big Triggerfish just ahead. I stopped swimming and took aim. I let fly, and got him. 

Rick's first catch EVER, with our pole-spear (Don't look mom)
I had to dive down a little to retrieve my dancing pole-spear, then I came to the surface and called Kyra, and showed her my transfixed fish. 

After dispatching our dinner and putting it in the dinghy, I went back to snorkeling. I was hopeful that it wasn't just a fluke, but I didn't hit anything else. Eventually, we decided to head back to the beach where our dinghy was anchored. 

Again, Kyra waved and pointed at another fish. It was wary of Kyra, but swam right up to me. And that is how I speared my second fish. After not having much luck fishing with line and lures, and no luck initially with spearfishing, it is pretty satisfying to catch something I was going for. 

Rick, celebrating his second catch on the spear complete with a
manly-man pose... Thank you Mr. Triggerfish.

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