Sunday, 24 June 2012

before we head north... one last glimpse

As we get ready to leave the Loreto area for the rest of the summer, allow me to share some snapshots of the past two weeks... 

Chasing Cortez Angelfish
(They are much bigger than they look - these ones were at least 12 inches long)
The end of another blissful day in Ballandra

Bright red starfish
Girls' day on SV Nyon (with Jeannie from SV Eagle)
Crazy-big school of Green Jacks hanging out under Nyon
It was a pretty cool sight
Impromptu party in Ballandra. SV Camille's stand-up paddle board
became the bar. I kid you not. We spent four hours  rabble-rousing
and floating in the warm water. It's a rough life...
(I'm not sure what John is doing here, I was desperately trying to stay out of the way)
I call this Rick's classic Sear's shot... hehe
Cuddly moment on the beach at Isla Coronados
Cruiser-potluck in Coronados

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