Wednesday, 23 May 2012

feelin' groovy in agua verde

Goats, goats, goats...
Agua Verde is where I almost ate lobster for the first time ever. There’s a reason I’ve never eaten lobster before. It dates back to 1980. While on a family road trip on the Atlantic coast of Canada, my siblings and I witnessed some folks cooking lobsters live. We were traumatised and became vegetarian on the spot. Twenty years later, I welcomed seafood and meat back into my diet, but to be honest, I still find it appalling to cook lobster that way. 

I will be tasting my first barbecued lobster tomorrow, (purchased from local fishermen), but by then, we’ll be in Bahia Candeleros.

This is our third night in Agua Verde. We like this laid-back village. The locals are friendly, the goats roam freely. Initially, our activities here involved a lot of swimming, snorkelling, and chilling out. Today we puttered on the boat, and of course, by the time we headed ashore it was gringo hour. (Rick dubbed midday in Mexico as gringo hour, since gringos are the only ones dumb enough to walk around in the hot sun at that time. Mostly we avoid it, but sometimes, we get distracted.)

The streets of Agua Verde

Thank goodness for our silly straw hats
We noticed another pair of sailors going to shore as we were rowing toward the beach, (at least, we weren’t the only ones out and about in the middle of the day). We eventually crossed paths with them in the village, and as we were getting ready to say hello, we realized: Wait, we know these people! It was a happy reunion with SV Exit Strategy’s Tom and Kim from BCA. We wandered with them through the village and parted ways after a while, with a promise to go over to their boat for a visit later that day.

This little tienda is ready for cruisers

Walking around town

A couple boat jobs later, we were swapping stories and books with SV Exit Strategy. Eventually, another pair of sailors joined in – Andrew and Becca, a young couple sailing a very bare-bones boat; it made me feel like we have a fancy boat. Their enthusiasm and willingness to do without was refreshing. 

As we finally rowed back to Nyon, Andrew sent us home with a parrot fish he’d speared earlier that day. (Drew, you’ll be happy to know that after his talks with you, and now Andrew who loves his spear-gun as much as you love yours – Rick will most definitely own one very soon…) For now, he’s practicing filleting fish other people have caught.

Mmm, dinner! Thanks Andrew!


  1. We did the whole gringo hour thing today! And yesterday. But at least we finally got the boat imported. Love the hats.

  2. Hey! We dropped our speargun in Agua Verde in about 25' of water and never could find it. If you want a free speargun, head over to 25°31.662'N 111°04.136'W and swim around a bit. :)

    Having fun reading your blog. We sure do miss the area.

    Jason & Christy
    s/v hello world



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