Friday, 20 April 2012

sometimes, it is margaritas and sunsets

Caleta Partida - yes, it was that lovely

Goofing off in Ensenada Grande
Margaritas taste that much better when shared with a friend. I'm convinced this is true. When you have a Karina aboard, you see cruising through different eyes. Karina is not a sailor, but she's game for just about anything. Her first time snorkeling (ever) was with sea lions in 60 foot depths. She's no chicken.

We were very happy that she could spend ten days with us. Rick and I needed the comfort of home. It happens when you're living abroad. When you can be yourself - grumpy or silly, have honest conversations, and laugh your head off over margaritas - it feels like home, (minus the rain).

Fun in the water

The 3 musketeers
Karina purposely chose the cheesiest books at Marina La Paz's book exchange before we headed to the islands. We're talking the kind of books that have gold scrolly letters in the title. My mortified face added to her glee. I'm sure of it. There is something refreshing about not caring what the world thinks. I'm going to try it.

Through the drama of Rick's medical emergencies (story still to come), sailing in bumpy seas, adopting sea cucumbers and helping Mexican fishermen who later came back bearing fresh fish; we were reminded what it was like to share the bits and pieces of everyday life with our lovely friend. Hanging out on beaches and swimming in turquoise waters were an added bonus.

Isla Espiritu Santo - Ensenada Grande (We love this spot.)
(Photo by Karina)
Thanks for the visit Kk! We miss you already.

A sturdy little shrub on a Baja beach

She's got guts to read that book. It was very
very terrible. We've returned Colt to the book
exchange Kk, (in an anonymous looking bag)...  
But we feel guilty. No one should feel your pain.
The last margarita night (This shot was not the only thing that
was blurry...)

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