Thursday, 12 April 2012

it followed me to paradise

Photo by Karina
There is an undeniable side-effect when writing blog posts about our adventures in the sun. In spite of including some of our misadventures, sometimes I think they may be unintentionally misleading.

Obviously, long-term voyaging on a boat comes with all kinds of challenges. What I mean is, it's not a get-away from life's troubles. It's not running away from "Life" with a capital L.

When voyaging is a way of life, it is life. You have crises, you get restless, you miss your loved ones, you have grumpy days and sad days. 

I still find it hard to find balance between must-dos and want-to-dos. Surprise! I always have had a hard time finding a healthy balance in my day-to-day life in Canada. Here I am in Mexico, plagued with the same challenges. And more. When loved ones go through tough times, or you're having a rough time far away from loved ones, it can feel very lonely and frustrating. Sure, we don't have to deal with the incessant rain during Victoria winters and we don't work 9 to 5 jobs. Sure, it's cool to swim with sea lions. But sometimes, you just want to have a cup of coffee with a loving friend and talk about life without going through the small-talk that begins friendships when you're out cruising.

I still get down. I still sometimes feel melancholic. There are times I feel guilty admitting this to people back home. I should be "happy" all the time - I'm living my dream. Well, being a flawed human being and this being real life, the reality of my dream comes with flaws and adversity too.

Yes, I still think it's worth it. Life comes with its challenges whether you're exploring islands in the Sea of Cortez or you are juggling work and commitments in Victoria. So, my apologies if I've given you the wrong impression. Life is great here. But sometimes it sucks too. It's life after all.


  1. This is a refreshing post. Nothing wrong with expressing the hardships. This is the reason I insist on being able to produce enough power for Skype dates.

  2. Thank you. And yes! Skype dates, my friend whose visiting and I were just talking about the need to talk more... I love Skype (when we have less-than-fickle internet).

  3. Great post! As you said, real life is always going to have its ups and downs no matter how you're living it. Thanks for the honesty, and we still can't wait to get out there on the blue road!

  4. Well said, Kyra. It's easy for us working the 9 to 5 to imagine all the 'ups' of the cruising life and none of the 'downs'. As we prepare to launch ourselves into that salty life in a few months it's great to keep that all in perspective. Thanks for keeping it honest and real.

    Katie and Mark

  5. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! :)

  6. It is good to write these things out and get them out there too! Letting out emotions good and bad gives us a deeper perspective of what your life is really like...helps us empathize with you.

    Besides..anyone we know the ones who pretend life is great all the time are LYING.

    So happy for you that you have guests over...fortunate to have such good friends and the means to make it happen.



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