Sunday, 1 April 2012

a deeper connection

It was magical. Up and down and around, she went.  Graceful. Quick. I was laughing in my mask, bubbles rising to the surface. We were just fumbling humans in her watery ballet. And we loved it.

Los Islotes, are a couple of rocky outcrops north of Isla Partida in the Sea of Cortez. We anchored near them, in some sixty feet of water. This anchorage affords little protection from winds and waves. We came here on a calm day, to visit a special sea lion rookery.  These particular sea lions are used to humans, and therefore unafraid of them. We were told you could swim in the water with them. To test this theory, we selflessly offered that Barb and Bjarne dive in first. (Aren’t we good hosts?) We shall call them the brave ones. (The reason we went in pairs, was to have someone on the boat at all times, as the holding there isn`t great and we wanted to keep watch on the boat.)

It wasn't long before, we saw plastic fins and animal flippers breaking through the water’s surface only to disappear down below again. Aboard Nyon, we observed, while some sea lions sunned themselves on the rocks nearby and the cacophony of their conversations echoed off the rocky cliffs.

Soon enough, it was our turn to go play. Seeing Barb and Bjarne’s wide grins, we jumped in without hesitation. Admittedly, I still was a little apprehensive. These are wild animals after all. We forged on and soon a lion swam nearby, and then another… I can’t think of a better word than: “Awesome.” It was awesome. I have a soft spot for sea lions, and to see them in their natural habitat, playful and energetic, was a wonderful moment. Barb and Bjarne had told us that if you dive down, they become even more playful. Up and down we went, likely appearing nothing short of clumsy to these lovely creatures. Nonetheless, it felt as if for a brief moment, a barrier was torn down.

Here's a short clip of the experience:


  1. lol, that's amazing! Awesome the seas were calm enough for you to anchor and get some shots. That last photo is priceless:)

    Any Great Whites hang out in those areas? I suppose I always associated sealion hang outs, with lurking Great Whites.

  2. Dani it was amazing! I am not positive what types of sharks are around these parts - still learning all that stuff... Someone told us to not go in the water if the lions weren't swimming about - it could mean sharks? I couldn't decide if they were teasing or serious...

  3. haha..I don't know, they are probably serious. Usually sea lions and sharks hang around each others.

    so cool you braved it enough to see them. wow.
    Experience. Of. A. Lifetime.

  4. That is completely amazing! I'm in awe of the pictures.

  5. Kyra and Rick,
    I just found your blog today and love, love, love it! We are headed down your way (to the S of C) in just a few months. I'm excited to explore your blog more and hopefully enjoy a beer with you two at some point in our travels! Any plans yet for the summer?

    Katie and Mark

  6. Thanks princess aboard - that's the joys of digital - take LOTS of pictures and some of them turn out! :)
    Katie and Mark - Thank you! We are spending the summer in the Sea of Cortez - north (Bahia Los Angeles. etc) - It will be HOT. We'll keep an eye out for you, beer sounds great!
    Cheers the Nyon crew



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