Sunday, 1 April 2012

b & b take baja

Our anchorage 
We anchored in Isla San Francisco just in time for happy hour. Luckily, there were other boats we knew that were anchored nearby. SV Shannon and SV Keetya 1 helped us celebrate the sunset aboard Nyon.

Our anchorage at Isla San Francisco was an arid but lovely crescent-shaped bay surrounded by rose-coloured cliffs. Tucked away from strong northerly winds, we enjoyed three days anchored in the turquoise waters there. We hiked and the brave ones among us snorkelled. We also went agate hunting, salt tasting at the salt ponds (okay only one of us did that), and got used to seeing cacti everywhere while not running into them. That's no small feat for Pacific Northwesterners used to moss and spruce trees. And of course there were many opportunities to hang out with other cruisers and swap stories. This is also where Rick's I-phone met its demise. It went for an unplanned swim, and there was much diving in cold water to find it. Bjarne got extra rum rations, he found the treasure after two tries.

The guys, lolly-gagging along
“I believe in kindness. Also in mischief. Also in singing, especially when singing is not necessarily prescribed.”  Mary Oliver

Cruising with Barb and Bjarne goes something like this:
  • You get bonus points if you play '70's and 80's music. (Rick got a lot of bonus points)
  • It is common for them to break into song if you say something that inspires a ditty
  • Bjarne is obviously a man of the north - Only a Dane would enjoy swimming in 18 degrees celsius waters (The Sea of Cortez is not super warm in the winter, it is just now getting warmer)
  • While cooking can't involve onions, we ate like kings and queens
  • Both Barb and Bjarne are great bakers - the kind that make up recipes as they go
  • They like rum, so do we
  • Playing crib is an adventure that involves gloating and some swearing (the gloating was mostly mine, hehe...)
  • They're sailors and nature lovers, so there's lots of pointing and sail adjustments
  • Maybe we'll get a chance to sail with them again in another exotic port, we'd sure welcome the chance!

There's a Barb behind the rocky outcrop!

Drinking beers and sharing stories (I'm sure some of them are
true) Good times ashore with new and old friends including
SV Keetya 1 and SV Shannon

Saltwater shower, a necessary evil


  1. Love the pic of everyone hanging out on the beach. Good Times.

  2. Love seeing photos of Isla San Francisco. We really loved that anchorage and find ourselves often "homesick" for the Sea of Cortez. Great to see you guys enjoying the crap out of it!

    s/v hello world

  3. We sure are having fun! Hanging between there and La Paz as we have visitors - but come late April we're heading north into the Sea for the Summer! Hot days ahead...



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