Monday, 23 April 2012

attachment issues

In our excitement to leave La Paz for quiet anchorages, we didn't expect to be stuck. And I mean, actually, physically stuck. Wait, didn't this happen to us before? Yes, yes it did. So here we were, provisioned, topped up on water and ready to go, but the anchor chain would not budge. We tried a few approaches, but we soon realized we'd have to dive. As luck would have it, it was slack tide and we were anchored in 16 feet of water - a manageable depth. 

The barnacles only won the battle,
I won the war.
I had repeatedly said I couldn't wait to go swimming. I hadn't meant the La Paz anchorage. At least, the air was hot, over 30 degrees Celsius hot. I donned my snorkelling gear and dove in. Thank goodness the water was 4 degrees warmer than it was last month. The visibility is very poor in the anchorage, I pulled myself down the chain not really knowing what was coming up. It was a bit creepy, I must admit. 

A barnacle encrusted... anchor? Or an old mooring? I'm not sure, but the chain was tightly wrapped around what looked like a shank. After multiple dives, I managed to get a good look and with Rick's help (from above), I worked at unwrapping the chain. It was challenging to hold my breath long enough to be effectual, but eventually I freed the chain and gave Rick the okay to start pulling it up.

A touch of drama and a dose of team work later, we were on our way amidst bloody high fives. (My left hand got a few minor cuts from the barnacles down below.) Finally, we were leaving civilization.

Leaving La Paz in our dust, err, wake

Gone Sailing. (Don't wait up.)


  1. I bet it was creepy not being able to see once you were down there. We are enjoying your blog.

  2. Hey thanks! Checking out your blog right now. Cheers

  3. haha...approaching a shank. I imagine it isn't all that easy to swim down 16 feet and wrestle with some ole rusted shank you can't see very well.

    The water looks great.



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